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We are pleased to offer our service to earn on the placement of your files.
Terms Affiliate Program:
- 60% of sales,
- 60% of rebills and renewals,
- Up to 15% of sales from your site (default 10%),
- 5% from sales of copies of your files,
- 5% from earnings your referrals.
- Percentage of sales is calculated from the total purchase less from her commission payment intermediaries, aggregators and operators.
- Terms file storage will be 50 days from the last download.
- Premium account doesn't affect to terms storage.
- Maybe increase terms file storage up to 100 days or unlimited, it is decided individually, by agreement with administration.
- Available upload from FTP, remote upload and upload from the browser, also possible to copy files.
- For files available function Premium only.

Features & Benefits
- The ability to set maximum file size available for free download.
- The ability to activate all files in folder to Premium Only, it applies to any folders including the root.
- The ability to choose Premium configuration for selling access on your files. (2,3 or 4 options, of 11 possible)
- The ability to prohibit copying of your files by other users (contact support).
- The ability to rigidly bind your domain to link your file. (It is necessary add to the link postfix ?
- Additional opportunity insert video player streaming video on the pages of your site. *

Forbidden to upload files following genres: CP, ZOO, Scat, Piss, Rape, Violence, Drugged, Sleeping, Drunk, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Incest
Violation of this requirement is punishable by ban.

Payout on Webmoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist, ePayments, Paypal. Minimum amount to payout 10$
Payouts on Webmoney are made instantly, funds are received on your wallet within one minute.
Instant payouts on Webmoney, available for webmasters with proven sources of traffic.
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