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I represent the affiliate program of the file-sharing service HotLink.cc

Conditions and rates:
- 60% from sales,
- 60% from all subsequent rebills and renewals,
- Up to 15% of domain deductions,
- 5% of sales from copies of your files,
- 5% from the earnings of attracted referrals.

- For registered users, the files will be stored for 45 days from the moment of any last download.
- Premium users are not entitled to increased file retention periods.
- Extended storage period for files - 180 days from the moment of any last download, or unlimited, is set individually for webmasters based on the possibility and need.
- Available download via FTP, remote and web download.
- "Premium only" function is available for files.

Features and capabilities of HotLink.cc:
- Ability to set the maximum file size available for free download.
- Ability to activate all files in a folder for Premium only, this applies to any folders including root.
- Ability to choose a Premium configuration to sell access to your files. (2,3 or 4 options, out of 11 possible)
- Ability to prevent other users from copying your files (contact support).
- Ability to hard link your domain to the file. (It is necessary to add the postfix? Referer = yoursite.com to the link).
- Additional ability to embed a streaming video player on the pages of your site. *

It is forbidden to download files of the following genres: CP, ZOO
Violation of this requirement is punishable by a ban.

- Withdrawals of earned funds are made to Webmoney, Bitcoin (min 300 USD), Capitalist, ePayments, Payza, PayPal (min 100 USD).
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10.
Withdrawals are made daily.

Payments to Webmoney wallets are made instantly, funds are credited to your wallets within one minute.

Instant payouts nv Webmoney are available for webmasters with proven traffic sources.
You can order the withdrawal of earned funds on the "My Account" page.

* Hotlink.cc provides an additional option to embed a streaming video player on your website pages.
Webmasters have a large set of tools for processing video files:
- Video files of any format, avi, mkv, mpg, mpeg, vob, wmv, flv, mp4, mov, m4v, m2v, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg, m2ts, ts are recoded to MP4 and become available for online viewing.
- Support for multiple audio tracks in a video file.
- Support for video subtitles (SRT, VTT).
- For webmasters, the ability to choose what to show to free users is implemented, whether the first segment of the video is from 10 to 240 seconds, or generated from a given number of parts and a given duration of the overview video. At the same time, it is possible to upload your overview video.
- For video files, snapshots, screenlists are generated. Which can be used to post on your sites. It is possible to upload your snapshot to the video file. It is possible to choose the best snapshot for the video.
- Ability to embed your own watermark on the video, either graphic or text with various options for settings.
- A link export constructor is available for exporting links in the file manager.

All purchases made through the video player are counted in the same way as file purchases

At your discretion, you can use regular download links, or a combination of a regular download link and a video player, or use a video player only.

On the DEMO page you can see how our player will look on your site page.

Successful earnings to all !!!

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